We specialize in aircraft and engine tooling

Ground support equipment, and aviation grade precision machining


Tooling, GSE & Precision Machining

We specialize in aircraft and engine tooling, and we are continuing our vision path and goals within the ground support equipment arena and precision machining for Brazil and the South American market.

Please proceed to our dashboard above for more detailed information about the company, our products, frequently asked questions, contacting us, or “an RFQ or Request For Quote”.

Request For Quote

There are two ways to perform a “Request For Quote” from the website. A “Frequently Asked Question” page is available on the website for some commonly asked questions about our products and services.

The first method to “request for quote”, is to simply attach a document – Word, Excel, PDF, etc. – through the “Contact Page”of the tools you wish to inquire on for price, lead time, or other questions on. We will provide a response to your inquiry.

The second method to “Request For Quote”, is more detailed and is performed through the “Product Page”. This method will provide additional details such as: a 3D print of the tool by part number, complete part nomenclature, ATA Chapter(s), whether unit is for Line or Heavy Maintenance, and engine type dash number applicability.

If you want to add the tool to your RFQ list, click add to RFQ list at the top of the page. When adding the tool to the Product Page, this information is automatically transferred to the section of the page “Request a quote”page-section and then with some basic contact information and a simple “click” your RFQ will be sent to us and responded too.

AEROFIX is here to assist and serve you with finding the correct tool with making your service and support functions easier and faster. Please click on the Product Page or Contact Page to submit your RFQ! Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tooling, GSE & Precision Machining

We combine customer-back innovation with an in-depth knowledge of the Ground Support Equipment industry to develop and deliver solutions tailored to your needs.