Does AEROFIX rent or lease tooling?

Currently, no but we are planning on offering some tooling under rent or leasing programs in time. In addition to saving end users the costly initial provisioning requirements for obtaining certification tooling for specific repair and maintainability programs, it will allow them to cost effectively have access to the tooling per their needs and timing.

Does AEROFIX work with OEM’s on tooling production?

Yes, AEROFIX is willing to enter into agreements with OEMs for the production and sale of their tooling within the South American markets. We offer many advantages from a partnering or licensing perspective including regional production, simplified logistical, distribution process, and cost reductions for everyone, including end user.

Do you only sell Pratt & Whitney tools?

No. We can produce and sell all kinds of tools and special tools, not only for engines but also for aircraft and in-house repair shops. AEROFIX currently has other tooling prints and information on other tooling and GSE which we will continue to add to our product listing.

Have you qualified your tools?

Yes, beginning internally by our manufacturing processes and then our engineering quality staff inspection that each tool is quality produced to specifications per original OEM diagram. Then as part of ANAC and FAA procedures, each tool comes with our CoC – “Certificate of Conformity” and the attached ANAC tool equivalence form. Each certified agency receives and accepts the tool as an equivalent.

Are they original manufacturer tools?

No, but only in the sense they were not produced by the OEM, directly or indirectly. They are detailed equivalent tools produced to the original manufacturer’s specifications, according to the references and recommendations of the original manufacturers to ensure form, fit and function.

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