AEROFIX: Tooling, GSE & Precision Machining

Our mission is bringing high quality, cost value, Brazilian based precision manufacturing and logistical simplicity, including lead time and importation, to the specialized field of aircraft, engine tooling, ground support equipment, and aviation grade precision machining. With our expertise and library of professional prints, including original OEM diagrams, we offer exact tooling to the OEM specifications in materials, heat-treating, finishing processes, and precision tolerances at savings to South American end users. Whether an airline, MRO, FBO, or OEM – original equipment manufacturer – our high precision, aerospace grade quality, and cost-effective capabilities are your solution to controlling costs, ensuring reliability, maintainability, and long life.

We specialize in the manufacturing of Pratt & Whitney engine tools. We manufacture our products following all the recommendations and specifications of the original manufacturer’s diagrams. After manufacturing, our engineers and quality systems certify the quality of the products before it leaves our facility.

AEROFIX was formed by two professionals with extensive experience within the industry. Our staff includes a 30 plus year American veteran of the aviation industry with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics, and a Brazilian licensed Aeronautical Engineer specializing in aircraft maintenance who additionally holds a graduate degree (Master’s) in Materials Engineering.

Our organization is dedicated to the industry and clients, providing easy, fast, cost effective and dynamic service for specialized tooling, GSE and precision machined part requirements. Our company’s and individual values of integrity are of the upmost importance to us and of service to others. Whether a specialized industry tool, specific type ground support equipment, or some type of precision equipment you need fabricated, we are here to meet and exceed your requirements. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your organization.


Furthering Brazil’s development as a premier aviation tiered manufacturer and supplier of tooling, ground support equipment and precision machining to the global market of component and aircraft original equipment manufacturers.


While ensuring the highest safety, quality, and reliability of aircraft maintenance processes and equipment, delivering premier service, support, and value to our customers.


Responsibility to the community, Ethics, Respect, and Transparency.

Brazilian Based Manufacturing

Brazil’s history in aviation is world renown. Embraer, is undoubtedly, one of the premier aircraft manufacturers across the commercial, business and even military platforms in the world. Do you know the EMB145, a 50-seat regional jet, which received its type certificate in December 1996 and ultimately delivered 1231 aircraft to airlines around the world, has never had a recorded fatality in its service history? There have been mishaps and accidents, but everyone has “walked away”. Look at the safety history of the EMB175 and EMB195, and now the E2 programs; history has clearly demonstrated Embraer’s design, engineering, and support talent and skills within the global markets.

We would like to further Brazil’s internal manufacturing and supply chain activities. Brazil has ALL the resources, talent, and skills necessary to make Brazil turn itself into a powerhouse in manufacturing and support services, not only within aviation, but many other industries. Our vision is to further this capability of providing aviation support equipment to Brazilian and South American end users, as well as building an internal manufacturing base to support not only Embraer but other aircraft manufacturer’s and component OEM’s from around the world as part of their tied supplier network.

Tooling, GSE & Precision Machining

We combine customer-back innovation with an in-depth knowledge of the Ground Support Equipment industry to develop and deliver solutions tailored to your needs.